Getting Your Boat Ready for a Trip

Picture of a Haines Signature fiberglass boat with a black Mercury motor rigged up and prepped for a great day of fishing.

Start looking at the weather about a week before so you can choose the best day and buy bait or whatever supplies you may need.

Get your boat ready the day before you plan on going so that there is nothing left behind.

Start with getting the boat ready. Check the navigation lights are working, check the bilge pump works, put the bungs in, switch the marine radio on and listen to see if you can hear any chatter or ask for a radio check.

Get all your safety gear out, check the expiry dates and everything is in good order. If you have not used your boat in a while, hook up a hose to your engine and run it up to ensure that everything is in good working order.

If you have not used the fuel in the portable containers for 12 months or longer, it will have water in it from condensation. Flush the tank out and fill will clean fresh fuel. If it is a pre-mix fuel for a two-stroke motor, it will be no good after only 3 months due to the oil separating from the fuel. Always make sure that you have 50 percent more fuel than you think that you will need. Check oil levels and coolant if you have it.

Now check the trailer is ready for the road. Lights must be working, shake the wheels to make sure the wheel bearings are tight (wheel bearings need changing every year) tyres have enough air pressure and tread. Check the year the tyres were manufactured as they are only good for ten years especially boat trailer tyres as they are in salt water.

Have general look under the trailer for any major corrosion. Check your trailer winch is in good working order.

Now that you are satisfied that your boat and trailer are okay, it is time to put your fishing gear in or what ever activity you plan to use the boat for and your ready to go on a trouble-free day.