Skippers Ticket Video Course

Our Exclusive Online Video Course is easy to follow, and focuses on the essential and important parts of the WA Recreational Skippers Ticket.

Contains All Essential Learning Materials

  • Online Video Course with 9 easy to follow modules

  • The Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) Workbook

  • PowerPoint Text Presentation of all Video Modules

9 Easy to Follow Modules

This Exclusive Online Video Course was created to be easy to follow, and focused on the essential and important parts of the WA Recreational Skippers Ticket.

Take At Your Own Pace

Your Boating Video Course Includes

Everything you need to easily prepare to get the WA Recreational Skippers Ticket.

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About The Course

Learn about the many features of our Exclusive Online Video Course

About Course

An Online Video Course for Obtaining Your Western Australian Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST), broken down into 9 easy to follow modules.


Easy Skippers Ticket Video Course

Brian Edwards, a lifetime boating enthusiast and experienced boating license assessor and trainer, has created this easy to follow and retain online video course to help prepare you to get your Western Australian Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST).

For those individuals that learn easier from watching how-to videos instead of getting stuck into books, this course if for you!

This course is broken down into 9 short modules, that you can take over and over at your pace, until you are confident you understand the requirements to get your WA Skippers Ticket.

What Will I Learn?

  • The Fundamentals of Boat Safety
  • Marine Rules and Regulations
  • Boat Handling and Guidelines
  • How to Navigate on the Water
  • Safety Equipment Requirements
  • Proper Boat Maintenance
  • What to do in an Emergency
  • Build Confidence in Your Boating Skills

9 Modules

Your course is divided into 9 short and easy to follow modules that you can take as you get time.

Topics for this course

9 Lessons54m

9 Easy to Learn Modules?

Module 1 – Boating Rules, Regulations, and Responsibilities 00:5:22
Module 2 – Right of Ways, Marine Animals and Refueling Precautions 00:3:42
Module 3 – Vessel Registration and Driving Regulations 00:4:12
Module 4 – Safe Boating Speeds and Navigation 00:8:38
Module 5 – Boat Maintenance and Safety Equipment Part 1 00:9:04
Module 6 – Safety Equipment Part 2 00:5:39
Module 7 – Safety Equipment: Distress Flares and EPIRB Distress Beacons 00:3:30
Module 8 – Marine Radios and Safe Operations – Trip Planning 00:7:48
Module 9 – Weather and Emergencies 00:6:06

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Congratulations and Thank You!  You are now on your way to getting your Western Australia Recreational Skippers Ticket.  Watch the videos as many times as you like, or pause to take a break.

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Free RST Workbook Download

Download this FREE copy of the Western Australia Recreational Skipper's Ticket Workbook to help you get started learning about safe boating techniques. Free RST Workbook Download

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I love helping others to get quickly and safely on the water. Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding my Skippers Ticket Training Video or how to start a Complete Hands-on Boating Course.