Choosing A Skipper’s Ticket Assessor

Boats at a dock in a marina

Which Skipper’s Ticket Assessor is Right For You


When you are choosing a skipper’s ticket assessor, there a few things to consider.

Does the company come to you or do you have to go them. Some of the assessor’s websites may say they are local but in fact they will travel from outside your area to get the job. I always like to support local business.

Some companies will have a nice classroom to do the theory exam and all the paperwork. Some companies will have you do the theory exam in their car, park bench or even on their boat. When meeting an assessor at a public boat ramp, you can expect to do the exam in the elements such as wind, cold and heat.

Some companies will give you a brief explanation of the workbook prior to the exam such as explaining some of the nautical terms which generally takes about an hour and then ask you if you have any questions before you start.

Some companies will train you on the 62 criteria’s needed to know in order to pass the on water practical assessment. It is my opinion that if you are paying for a course, you finish the course knowing more than when you started via training.

Companies that supply a boat should be suitable for you to learn on. The boat should be well maintained, both mechanically and structurally and kept clean and tidy especially living in a Covid19 world.

Some companies will charge you the full amount even if you do not pass.

Assessors that are being paid by you, should be able to display their knowledge through their experience and passion for boating, not just in it for the money.

Companies will vary in price, choosing the cheapest will not always get you the best results. As you can see there are a lot of varying factors.